Roles and workflow in CMS

CMS roles and workflow

Your role is determined by what tasks you'll be doing on the Web pages.


  • Provides bulk of content
  • Compiles data
  • Creates new pages
  • Edits existing pages


Includes all author tasks, plus:

  • Reviews and approves pages


Includes all author and editor tasks, plus:

  • Reviews and approves NEW pages or pages that have page properties changed.

The role of Moderator is always filled by the WSDOT WebHelp staff.

Resource Manager Tasks

  • Access to resources in resource gallery.
  • Can add or delete items from resource gallery.

Workflow Process

  1. Authors create content within the CMS templates. When they have completed a page they "submit" the page to their editor. Authors have a "submit" option on their Web Author Console.
  2. Editors receive an e-mail that a page has been submitted for approval. They follow the link in the e-mail and can approve or decline the page using the options provided on their Web Author Console.
  3. Authors receive an e-mail notifying them if the page was approved or declined by their editor. 

Can there be more than one author or editor?

Yes, you can have multiple authors and editors on any channel. You should, however, carefully define your workflow - who will provide content, edit web pages and approve pages to go live.

Workflow Tips

  • Authors can use "Save & Exit" to exit and lock their pages - preventing other authors from making changes.
  • Locked pages can only be unlocked by the author that locked them. If author is unavailable to unlock page, contact WSDOT WebHelp.
  • Authors can use "Save, Exit & Release" if they want another author to edit the page. Make sure your changes could go live - as the other author could submit the page and it could go live.

Now that you know more about your role, let's create a new page in CMS.