Troubleshoot CMS Pages

Check the advice offered here before calling or writing Web Help.

Placeholder Failed Error

To fix the Placeholder Failed Error, send Web Help the web address or the name of the page you were using when you received the error. 

"MIME type does not match"

Sometimes this occurs when replacing a PDF file in the resource gallery with a newer of the same file name. Check to see if the "PDF" extension is the same. They are case sensitive. We recommend that you save your extension in lower case. (ExName.pdf). If you have tried the solution and you are still receiving an error message, please contact WSDOT WebHelp.

Help, I've lost my page!

  1. In your Web Author Console, select the "Production Manager." The production manager displays a list of all pages you are currently working on that are locked under your name.
  2. Use the "Go To" column to open the page.

I still can't find my page!

If you selected Save, Exit & Release, the page will not be in your production manager because it is no longer locked under your name.

To find your page:

  1. View another page in the same channel. Look for the page you saved in the left navigation.
  2. If you can't find it, email Web Help.

Tip: BEFORE you save your page using Save, Exit & Release, bookmark it by selecting Favorites > Add to Favorites from the Internet Explorer tool bar at the top of the page. You can locate the page by opening your Favorites list and selecting it.

How do I unlock a page that I need to edit?

The Web Author Console displays the name of the person who locked the page.

  1. First, try and contact that person - as they could be in the middle of an edit and may not want the page unlocked.
  2. If the person is not available and you need to access the page before they return, contact Web Help and we will unlock the page.

CAUTION - There may be edits that are not complete within the page. Examine the page carefully before submitting it for approval.

Why isn't my Web page live to the public?

There are a few possible causes:

  1. Check the status of your page. If it is "Saved" the page needs to be approved.
  2. Check Page Properties. Under the Standard Tab check the Start Publishing time. Is it a future date and time? If so, change it by entering a new date and time or click the "immediately" button.
  3. Check Page Properties. Under the Standard Tab check the Hide When Published option at the bottom of the dialog box. If this is checked - uncheck it.

If you are still having difficulties, contact WSDOT WebHelp.


I want to change the order of my left navigation links.

The dynamically created left navigation can be sorted if you select Sort Items in Channel from the Web Author Console.



Sort items in channel 
  1. Select the button next to the link you want to move up or down in the navigation list.
  2. Click Up or Down as many times as needed to move the link to the right location.
  3. When you are satisfied with the order of the links, click OK.

Contact WSDOT WebHelp if you have trouble.



How do I create a page and NOT have a link in the left navigation?

If you don't have a grouping of similar pages to go into a subchannel:

  1. Go to Page Properties of the page you want removed from the left navigation.
  2. Select Hide When Published. This will hide the left navigation link. Remember: it can only be accessed if you link to it in another location.


I used to have permissions to my page, but now I'm getting a password prompt.
Sometimes permissions are changed or reset in CMS. Contact Web Help and we will reset the permissions.

Why are other people getting a login screen when trying view my page?

In order for customers (anybody besides authors or editors) to view the page, broader permissions must be given called "unauthenticated subscribers" (externally) or "intranet" Guests (internally). Contact Web Help and we will add these permissions.

Why isn't my editor receiving an email when I submit my page?

It's possible that your editor is not added as an editor in the channel permissions for that page. Contact Web Help and we will add your editor to the permissions.