Save pages in CMS

  1. Click Save New Page in the Web Author Console.
    Console - Save New Page
  2. In the dialog box that appears, enter a Name and a Display Name.
Save new page dialog box

Name is the Web address. For example:
URL - Page Name

Display Name is the title that appears at the top of your page.


Display Name

  • Don't  use spaces
  • Be short and descriptive
  • Use one word. If you use two words, use initial caps for each word, also known as camel case. For example, SavePage is easier to read than savepage.
  • Be short and descriptive
  • Use keywords to increase searchability.

Options for saving your page

Once you've saved your page for the first time, you have three different options for saving:

  • Save
  • Save And Exit
  • Save, Exit & Release
Save Options in the Web Author Console

When you click on Save in the Web Author Console, it saves your page but does not close out of the page. You can continue editing.



If you use this option, the page will be locked by you. No one else will be able to edit the page until you release it.

Save and Exit
When you select Save and Exit in the Web Author Console, it saves your page and exits.


Save, Exit & Release
If you select Save, Exit & Release the page is exited and released, so others in your work group can access the page.

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