Edit existing pages in CMS

Existing pages can be edited anytime, as long as you have permissions.

How to start editing 

  1. Click in the address bar and replace www in the address with the word edit.

    Switch to edit - www

    Switch to edit - edit.
  2. After you type edit , hit the Return key, and the Web Author Console appears.

    Web Author Console First
  3. On the Web Author Console , click Switch to Edit Site.
  4. The Console menu expands and the full editing menu will display. 

    gif file.  
  5. To start editing the page, click on Edit.

How to insert text into your page

Type content directly into your page

  1. When in the Edit mode, the page template will display.

  2. Using the mouse, insert your cursor into the placeholder (blue box) in which you’d like to put content.

  3. Type using your keyboard.

    Type text directly into placeholder.

Copy and paste content from another source  

Use the paste plain text button to paste content from a Word document.

If your content has any formatting - such as bold text, bullets or a numbered list, the formatting will be removed.

  1. Select the text that you'd like to paste.
  2. Copy the text by going to your edit menu, select Copy .
  3. Place your cursor in the placeholder where you would like to paste the content.
  4. Click the Paste Plain Text  icon. 
  5. Use the CMS toolbar to format your text.

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