Create new pages in CMS

Learn how to create a regular page by following these steps:

For example, if you wanted to add a new page to the Design Policy site, you would navigate to: Design/Policy /default.htm.
Web Author Console First
The Console menu expands.
gif file.
The Template Gallery appears.
CMS Template Gallery.
Select a template.
What you select depends on what you're making:

Project Templates

WSDOT projects have very specific templates. All WSDOT project pages should use only project templates. View available project templates.

Internet Templates (external website)
If you are creating a Web page on the external Web please use one of the internet templates. View available internet templates.

Intranet Templates (internal website)
Web pages on our internal Web should use the Intranet Templates. View available intranet templates.
  1. Using Internet Explorer, browse to the main page of the site where you'd like to add a page.
  2. Once at the main page, click in the address bar and replace www in the address with the word edit.

    Switch to edit - www

    Switch to edit - edit.

  3. After you type edit, hit the Return key, and the Web Author Console appears.
  4. On the Web Author Console, click Switch to Edit Site.
  5. Click Create New Page.
  6. From the Template Gallery, click on the desired category of template.  

    The Select Template menu appears.
  7. From the Select Template menu, click on Select in the middle column next to your template choice. Your new page appears in Edit mode, ready for use. 
  8. Now it's time to save the page.

Redirect Page   
If an address change happens, you will want to place a redirect page at the old address. When users type the old address, the redirect page appears in its place. This page will inform users of the change, impart the new address, and automatically send their browser to the new address.

To create a CMS redirect page:  

  1. Go to the channel where the old page was located.
  2. Switch to Edit site and choose Create New Page.
  3. The Template Gallery appears.
  4. Choose the Standard folder and select the Redirect template.
  5. The redirect page appears.
  6. Choose Save the Page from the Web Author Console.
  7. The Create New Page dialog box appears.
  8. Enter the old page address in the Name field.
  9. For Display Name simply type: Redirect. Click OK.
  10. In Page Properties, select the Custom tab and enter the new page url in the RedirectURL field. This url will appear on the redirect page after "The new address for this information is: ."
  11. Select "Hide When Published" so the redirect page will not  appear in the left navigation on pages where automatic navigation is used. 
  12. Click OK. Then Approve the page in the Web Author Console.
  13. Your redirect page is now in place. Be sure to test it by entering the address in a browser.

To create a redirect page in HTML:

  1. Contact WebHelp for the redirect template.
  2. Add the old and new page addresses to the template.
  3. Place the file in the old address file's location on the server.
  4. First be sure to archive the old file, if necessary; this process will overwrite the old file.