Benefits of CVISN

Motor carriers, the public, and government agencies benefit from the CVISN Program in the following ways:


  • Law enforcement can focus resources on high-risk and non-inspected carriers
  • Fewer commercial vehicles pulling in and out of weigh stations reduces collision risks


  • Productivity and efficiency of motor carriers and drivers improve with the use of transponders
  • Carriers can save time and money by not idling at the weigh station
  • Diesel usage and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced
  • Automated reporting and record keeping reduces costly paperwork for government and motor carriers 


  • Improves enforcement efficiency by targeting high-risk carriers
  • Sharing of commercial vehicle data between states and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) improves the accuracy, integrity, and verifiability of credentials
  • Standardizing data exchanges streamline work for participating motor carriers, drivers and regulators
  • Motor carriers can quickly obtain information from governing and enforcement agencies

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