Materials Lab - Request for Approval of Materials (RAM)

The Request for Approval of Materials is used by contractors to request approval for materials used on state contracts. This form is for materials not listed in the QPL.

RAM Form 350-071

Use the eForms install to download and install an editable RAM form. You may print the PDF version (pdf 174 kb) but it cannot be edited.

View a sample form with instructions (pdf 93 kb) and then:

  1. Fill out the top section of the form with contract specific information.
  2. List items to be approved on the bottom section.
  3. Submit the form to the Project Office administering the contract.

Contractor's Guide for Materials Approval Submittal

Concrete Mix Design Checklists:

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RAM Engineer
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Pat Norton
Asst. Materials Quality Assurance Engineer
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Materials Quality Assurance Engineer
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