Materials Lab - Pavement Research

Pavement research is conducted to keep current with pavement issues in the areas of asphalt, concrete, pavement construction, pavement evaluation, pavement smoothness, and traffic.   

Cooperative Pavement Research


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Subject Title
Asphalt Recommendations for Extending Asphalt Pavement Life within Washington State - May 2017
Asphalt SPR 680 Open-Graded Wearing Courses in The Pacific Northwest - June 2011
Pavement Preservation Pavement Preservation Report to the Legislature - September 2010 (pdf 3.5 mb)


Pavement Technotes and Folios

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Subject Title
Folio Quieter Pavements Tests: The Story So Far Folio - March 2009 (pdf 886 kb)
Folio Quieter Pavements Folio - April 2006 (pdf 471 kb)
Folio  Dowel Bars for New and Existing Concrete Pavement Folio - March 2013 (pdf 1.78 mb)
Folio Sustainability: Highway Materials - March 2011 (pdf 476 kb)
Folio Summary of Results for Mitigating Damage Caused By Studded Tires on Concrete Pavements - January 2007 (pdf 783 kb)
Technote Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Technologies - March 2012 (pdf 1.24 mb)
Technote Design and Construction of Concrete Intersections - September 2001 (pdf 585.0 kb)
Technote Elimination of Temperature and Density Differentials: The Cyclic Density Specification - April 2004 (pdf 459.9 kb)
Technote Factors Affecting HMA Permeability - February 2005 (pdf 732.5 kb)
Technote Longitudinal Joint Construction Techniques - February 2003 (pdf 1.6 mb)
Technote Superpave Performance and Cost Comparison - July 2004 (pdf 387.8 kb)
Technote Issues Related to Tack Coat - March 2003 (pdf 465.4 kb)
Video WSDOT R26 Project (SR 97A Hot Chip Seal 2014)
Video Accelerated Construction of Urban Intersections with Portland Cement Concrete Video (wmv 54 mb)