Materials Lab - Materials Evaluation Program

The Materials Evaluation Program (MEP) is a web based means of submitting payment for Aggregate Source Approval (ASA) and Qualified Products List (QPL) evaluations, including QPL evaluations for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). Aggregate source owners/lessees and construction material manufacturers/suppliers will be able to access the website and electronically submit payment for evaluation of construction or aggregate products.

For QPL applications, the MEP will prompt the user to pay a preliminary Phase 1 Evaluation fee. QPL submittals for HMA Mix Designs are exempt from the Phase 1 Evaluation fee. This fee will cover the cost of the initial application review, consultation with Subject Matter Experts, and if WSDOT chooses to proceed, the cost of developing an official letter and cost sheet for the full evaluation.
The requesting party will then be able to submit electronic payment for the full evaluation fee. Upon receipt of payment, the MEP will notify the QPL or ASA Engineer to proceed with the full QPL or ASA evaluation.

How to setup the Materials Evaluation Program

  1. Read the step-by-step setup instructions (pdf 66 kb).
  2. Set up an account in SecureAccess Washington (SAW) and log in.
  3. Set up Materials Evaluation Program as a service in SAW: from the 'My Secure Services' menu, select Department of Transportation, then select Materials Evaluation Program.

Questions, comments, or requests?

Please contact our office:

Maha Ablson
QPL Engineer
360-764-0165 (cell)

Pat Norton
Asst. Materials Quality Assurance Engineer
360-764-0396 (cell)