Materials Lab - Aggregate Source Approval (ASA)

ASA Testing could take up to 90 days due to heavy workloads.

Search for aggregate sources that meet your selection criteria

SOP 128 - Materials Manual M 46-01.38 February 2021 (pdf 13.3 mb)

You may search the database for the source or sources that meet your selection criteria. From the resulting list, choose which one you want to examine in greater detail.

The ASA-GIS (Aggregate Source Approval) (Geographic Information System) map was designed to manage and track aggregate sources within the state of Washington. Sources can be located on the map using either the query tab or by manually searching, using latitude and longitude. Once a source is located and selected, a link can be followed to that source’s on-line Aggregate Source Approval report. For detailed information on how to use the GIS map, click on the map’s information tab. This will provide instruction for all of the map’s features, including Navigation Tools, Coordinate Locator, Layer Controls, Attribute Table Display, and Information Tools.

To initiate the submittal process, contact the ASA Engineer at or by calling 360-764-0165 (Cell) or 360-709-5442 (Office). Please leave a message on cell phone.

As of July 1, 2021, Aggregate Sources will be required to enter into a Reimbursable Agreement with WSDOT for sampling and testing services with the Materials Laboratory. See the Aggregate Source Approval flow chart (pdf 185 kb) for details on the agreement and the sampling/testing process following the signed agreement being received from the source representative.

Charges will be billed after the work has been performed, and the source will be invoiced monthly for services performed. Monthly invoices can be paid electronically through the Materials Evaluation Program (MEP).

ASA Source Representatives (Referred to as Vendors in the Flow Chart referenced above) will be required to register with the Washington State Office of Financial Management with a Vendor/Payee Registration Form. Vendors are free to fill out the form at any time, before or during the ASA process. Send the completed PDF form to CC Kristy Vargas at the WSDOT Lab Business office at .

The form can be found at Statewide Vendor/Payee Services | Office of Financial Management (

WSDOT Recognized Concrete Aggregate Testing Facilities for 1 year ASR (ASTM C1293) (pdf 17.26 kb)


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