Public Transportation - Training and technical assistance

WSDOT’s Public Transportation Division provides training and technical assistance resources to rural transits through the Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP).


For the remainder of the fiscal year, limited scholarships will be available for the following events:

  • Mobility Management Summit, March 13-15
  • State ADA Conference, April 14-16
  • Trainers Showcase, May 1-2

Financial assistance is available for Washington state rural transportation providers. Scholarships for qualified applicants cover registration and certain travel expenses for training courses, workshops, and conferences.
WSDOT administers the RTAP scholarship program with funding provided by the Federal Transit Administration. RTAP supports a variety of services including technical assistance and training to meet the specific needs of transportation operators in non-urbanized areas.



Training courses for public transportation providers are developed and facilitated by WSDOT, Washington State Transit Insurance Pool (WSTIP), Community Transportation Association Northwest (CTANW), and Washington State Transit Association (WSTA).

The WSDOT Public Transportation Division provides training to agencies and organizations that are interested in applying for state and federal grants.

Technical assistance

Examples of the technical assistance WSDOT provides:

  • Answering specific questions by phone or via email.
  • Helping develop procurement specifications and procedures for equipment and facilities.
  • Organizing community coordination.
  • Interpreting policy guidelines and providing policy templates.
  • Reviewing and commenting on draft plans, environmental documents, and studies.
  • Providing public-speaking presentations on a variety of topics and issues.

Peer review program

This program is available to all public transportation providers in the state. RTAP funds may be available to cover rural agencies' cost of the review.

Participation is voluntary and can encompass an entire agency or only one element, and is initiated by a request to the Public Transportation Division.

For example, Intercity Transit (Olympia/Lacey) requested a peer review of its paratransit operations. WSDOT composed a team of experts from other transit agencies who performed on-site and off-site reviews of Intercity Transit's services. The peer review team produced a report containing 74 recommendations to save Intercity Transit money and improve performance.


Linda Howell, State RTAP Manager