A Review of Impacts on Washington County Roads of Grain Transportation Changes

This preliminary study identified the impact on county roads of changes in the grain transportation system. County engineers were surveyed in a 10 county study area in Eastern Washington to identify the location, cause and magnitude of these impacts. It was found that railline abandonment and traffic to multiple car loading facilities were principal causes. Total needs were estimated by the county engineers to be about $1.5 billion, about $219 million per county for the seven responding counties. Specific impacts caused by grain transportation changes could range up to 60-70% of that value, based on preliminary analysis in two of the counties. These preliminary estimates lacked hard data; the forthcoming RJC (Road Jurisdiction Committee) study should give a more specific estimate of that impact. As private decisions continue to impact public infrastructure, new funding processes may be needed.


Publication Date: 
Wednesday, April 1, 1987
Publication Number: 
WA-RD 135.1
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12/07/2017 - 11:30
Ken L. Casavant, Bob Sanders, Jerry C. Lenzi .
Washington State University. Dept. of Agricultural Economics.
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Abandonment, Costs, County roads, Estimates, Finance, Financing, Freight transportation, Grain, Impact studies, Infrastructure, Railroad facilities, Railroad transportation.