2018 State of Transportation

Safety by Mode

National fatality rates by mode, per billion passenger-miles traveled ¹

Mode Rate
Cars, trucks, SUVs 7.3 per billion
Motorcycle 212 per billion
Trains 0.15 per billion ²
Buses 0.11 per billon
Airlines 0.07 per billion

Comparable rates for walking and bicycling are not available, however

1) Source: Journalist's Resource.org, Harvard Kennedy School's Shorenstein Center; data is for 2000-2009
2) Excludes pedestrians and others not actually on trains

1) The estimates are based on 2013 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration values for preventing fatal and serious injuries. Economic cost components include: medical care, emergency services, market productivity, household productivity, legal costs, insurance administrative costs, workplace costs, property damage and congestion.