2018 State of Transportation

Proposed framework for future investment decisions

Policy Direction
  • RCW 47.04.280
  • Results Washington
  • Results WSDOT strategic plan
Manage Assets
  • Operate and maintain multimodal system and agency resources to meet performance objectives at the lowest cost
Identify Needs
  • Identify perfor-mance targets for all policy goals
  • Understand critical corridors
Assess Alternative Strategies
  • Build strategies with partners
  • Consider least cost strategies first
    • Safety
    • Operations
    • Demand Manage-ment
    • Capital
    • Other
Refine Solutions
  • Integrated scoping
    • Safety
    • Operations
    • Demand Manage-ment
    • Capital
    • Other
Assign Resources
  • Investments reviewed across funding programs to synchronize for best performance
Develop Funded Solutions
  • Solutions defined to address the performance gap at the lowest cost
Implement Solutions
  • Implement or construct
Speed limit signs I-5 Seattle
Logging truck on highway
Incident Response Team (IRT)
  • Assign Resources
    • Examine how solutions rank across the state based on benefit/cost
    • Look across programs for best fit for resourcing
    • Develop prioritized list of investments
  • Develop funded solutions
    • Assess design/development options for the proposed solution
    • Design/develop for the lowest cost that addresses the solution
  • Implement solutions
    • Manage implementation/construction to address the performance gap
Deception Pass bridge