Program Brochures


Removing Bertha to keep the tunnel moving, April 2017 (pdf 2.7 Mb)

Life after Bertha: Focus shifts from mining to other tunnel work, April 2017 (pdf 3.6 Mb)

Building a new State Route 99 through Seattle, February 2017 (pdf 5.7 Mb)

Tunneling into the numbers, February 2017 (pdf 7.1 Mb)

Tunneling toward a new SR 99 corridor, February 2017 (pdf 7.0 Mb)

Map of program-related construction contracts, February 2017 (pdf 1.3 Mb)

Ground monitoring folio, February 2017 (pdf 5.0 Mb)

Understanding the program's cost and fundingFebruary 2017 (pdf 1.0 Mb) 

Keeping the Alaskan Way Viaduct safe during construction, February 2017 (pdf 2.5 Mb)

SR 99 tunnel safetyFebruary 2017 (pdf 1.6 Mb)

Travelling SR 99 corridor once program is complete, January 2017 (pdf 4.5 Mb)

Shape Memory Alloy and Engineered Cementitious Composite, September 2016 (632 kb)


South-end viaduct replacement

Replacing the viaduct's south end, April 2014 (pdf 492 kb)

South Atlantic Street overpass open to traffic, July 2015 (pdf 1.35 Mb)

Bicycle and pedestrian access near the South Atlantic Street overpass, May 2014 (pdf 3007 kb)