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WTP Phase Two

Developing the Constrained Plan

Adopt Strategies
In the fall of 2004 the Transportation Commission adopted the strategies, which will establish the policy framework for developing the investment plan.

Develop Investment Plan
On behalf of the Transportation Commission, the Department of Transportation in cooperation with the Regional Transportation Planning Organizations and others will develop an investment plan to implement the strategies for our state’s key transportation issues. These investments will vary by region and will reflect the strategic implementation of statewide strategies.

Set Priorities
Because funding is limited and competition for this limited funding is keen, the Transportation Commission will identify investments to be made with available revenue and prioritize additional strategic targets for investment beyond existing revenue. This prioritization process will reflect, to the extent possible, stated regional priorities.

Adopt the Plan
In July 2006, the Transportation Commission adopted the draft plan, which  includes the constrained investment proposals, with state projects and state program recommendations, plus statewide policy recommendations needed to implement the plan. The final plan was adopted in November 2006. WSDOT intends to use the updated plan as the basis for its 2007-2009 transportation budget proposal.

Regional Transportation Planning Organization Summary Notes

The Summary Notes ( pdf 400kb) capture the feedback from the Washington State Transportation Commission WTP Team Visits with Regional Transportation Planning Organizations and the San Juan County Commissioners held in September and October 2005. The Team also held a listening session with the Tribal Transportation Planning Organization are included in the document.