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Community Planning

How can I learn more?
The Community Transportation Planning Office welcomes inquiries and ideas. Please see below for contact information:

Elizabeth Robbins
Community Transportation Planning Office Manager, 360.705.7371, elizabeth.robbins2@

Karena Houser
Economic and Land Use Branch Manager, 360.705.7876, karena.houser@

Dan Davis
Transportation Planning Specialist,

Leah Bolotin
Transportation Planning Specialist, 206.464.1264, leah.bolotin@wsdot.

Katherine Klockenteger
Transportation Planning Specialist, 360.705.7257, katherine.klockenteger

Kyle Miller
Transportation Planning Specialist, 360.705.7946, kyle.miller@wsdot.

Community Transportation Planning Office

Recent CTPO E-Newsletters
Winter 2014 E-Newsletter (pdf 456 kb)
Summer 2013 E-Newsletter (pdf 270 kb)
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What's New!

New tool INVEST-igates demand, sustainability
The results are in from a study assessing sustainability in corridor planning and project development, using an innovative online tool. WSDOT collaborated with the Federal Highway Administration to evaluate a new assessment tool called INVEST - Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool. To learn more, download the INVEST report (pdf 1.6 mb) or the INVEST Folio (pdf 1.3 kb).

Demand Management Fact Sheet
WSDOT Research: Guidelines for Integrating Demand Management into WSDOT Planning and Programming (pdf 396 kb)

How We Can Help

The Community Transportation Planning Office (CTPO) works with our partners to improve the coordination of state, regional, and local transportation and land use planning. The Growth Management Act (GMA) and the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) are two important coordination tools.

The WSDOT Community Planning Portal is Open

The WSDOT Community Planning Portal is an online forum for state, regional, and local transportation planners to share transportation and land use data. To learn more about the Portal and how to access it, see the Community Planning Portal Web Page or for printable material open the Community Planning Portal Folio (pdf 2 mb).

Growth Management Act Resources

SEPA Resources

CTPO Publications

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