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SR 516 Corridor Planning Study from SR 167 to SR 169 - Completed January 2013

WSDOT's Urban Planning Office has completed a study of SR 516 between Kent and Maple Valley. This effort produced a plan that includes a list of projects addressing safety and mobility issues along this route.

The study analyzed existing and future transportation conditions of the study corridor. The final report includes a traffic and mobility analysis, safety analysis, an environmental overview, recommendations for near, mid, and long term improvements, and planning level cost estimates for the near- and mid-term recommendations.

Due to limited state funding, the recommendations in the study will need to compete for funding with other proposed improvements around the state based on performance outcomes.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
The study team identified potential projects to improve safety and mobility on SR 516. These short-, mid- and long-term projects could be built over the next 20 years as funding becomes available.

Partnerships & Cooperation
The study team worked with the Corridor Working Group to identify problems and potential improvement projects. The Corridor Working Group is comprised of representatives from the cities of Black Diamond, Covington, Kent and Maple Valley as well as King County Metro Transit, the Puget Sound Regional Council, and WSDOT.

Tribes and other affected and interested groups were also invited to participate in the study.


This study was funded through the following source:

State Legislature - $150,000

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Tom Washington
WSDOT Urban Planning Office

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