Welcome to the Web site for the Expert Review Panel for Sound Transit Phase Two (ST2). Here you'll find information about the Panel's mission, members, meetings and findings, along with links to resources.

The Expert Review Panel, as required by State law, provides independent, expert technical review for the Phase 2 Plan Update being conducted by Sound Transit. The purpose of the plan is to develop recommendations for the expansion of the high-capacity transportation system in Pierce, King and Snohomish counties.

The Panel met eight times between February 2005 and June 2007, and issued a final opinion letter in September 2007 on the ST2 plan that was on the ballot in November 2007. The ballot measure paired Sound Transitís proposal with the roads plan of the Regional Transportation Investment District (RTID) as Proposition 1, "Roads and Transit." However, the voters did not approve that ballot measure.

The Expert Review Panel met three additional times between March and October 2008 to review Sound Transit's revisions for a new ST2 proposal. This new proposal is on the ballot in November 2008. The Panel provided its final letter of comment on October 30, 2008.