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Helping workplaces encourage employees to share a ride, take a bus or train, ride a bike or use other transportation that reduces the number vehicles on our state's busiest roads was the essence of the state Legislature's CTR Act in 1991. Since then Washington's roadways have been flowing smoothly with more than 28,000 fewer vehicles every weekday morning. Programs created by the CTR Board focus on removing trips by encouraging local jurisdictions and large employers to develop plans that motivate employees to commute in ways other than driving alone.

The mission of the CTR Board is to demonstrate and inspire leadership, enhancing transportation choices that improve quality of life for people in Washington State in partnership with local communities.

The vision of the CTR board is to be a recognized leader that inspires effective approaches to managing traffic congestion, conserving energy and improving air quality to meet climate challenges.

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CTR Board
The CTR Board establishes program guidelines for the state's Commute Trip Reduction program and ensures statewide consistency among county and local ordinances. The board develops reviews and approves local and regional and state plans, allocates funding, and provides general policy guidance for the CTR program.

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The Washington State Department of Transportation provides staff support to the CTR Board. WSDOT staff also provide guidance, training, and technical assistance to local jurisdictions to aid them in developing and implementing their own local CTR plans.


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