Transportation Data & GIS

Traffic Reports by Request

Because the files are large and contain an extensive amount of data we have provided a sample of the reports and the information they contain.

For additional information or to request a copy of the following traffic reports, please email the Automated Data Collection Section or call (360) 570-2392.

AM/PM Traffic Summary Report

The AM / PM Traffic Summary Report supplies reliable source of information that represents hourly, daily and monthly traffic volume totals with AM and PM subtotals, average daily, average Sunday, average Saturday, average weekend, average weekday, maximum daily totals and total number of days reported for the month. This information is available by direction and by combined directions.


AM/PM Traffic Summary
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Hourly Volume Detail Report

The Hourly Volume Detail Reports are a source of reliable information containing traffic vehicle counts with no distinction between vehicle types (does not identify motorcycles, automobiles, trucks), available in hourly, daily, directional and or by lane. These reports are used in developing an Average Daily Traffic (ADT) total volumes, preparing traffic flow maps, determining volume trends, etc.


Lane By Hour Volume
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TRIPS Hourly Volume
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TRIPS Monthly Volume (Annual)
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Vehicle Classification Report

The Vehicle Classification Reports are a source of reliable information containing traffic by vehicle type (motorcycles, cars, buses, single unit trucks and multiple unit trucks) which is available in hourly, daily and monthly time intervals. This report is generated by the count of vehicle axles or by predetermined vehicle lengths. The Vehicle Classification Reports are used in establishing structural and geometric design criteria, computing expected highway user revenue, computing capacity (effect of commercial vehicles), determining axle factors for machine counts, freight mobility studies etc.



TRIPS Annual Axle Data Summary
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TRIPS Classification Axle (4-Bin) Report (DOT-RNB572A-B)
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