CADD Data Index

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DOT Quad Index 0416T 0424T 0432T 0440T 0448T 0456T 0464T 0808T 0816T 0824T 0832T 0840T 0848T 0856T 0864T 1208T 1216T 1224T 1232T 1240T 1248T 1256T 1264T 1608T 1616T 1624T 1632T 1640T 1648T 1656T 1664T 2008T 2016T 2024T 2032T 2040T 2048T 2056T 2064T 2408T 2416T 2424T 2432T 2440T 2448T 2456T 2464T 2824T 2832T 2840T 2848T