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Features / ADA Information

Upper Cabin Galley: Yes Car Deck ADA Shelter: No
Main Cabin Restroom: Yes Car Deck ADA Restroom: Yes
Elevator: Yes 802.11 WiFi Access: Yes
ADA Notes: The MV Chelan has elevator access from the auto deck to the passenger deck. Notify a ticket seller if you are traveling by car and need to park near an elevator. The vessel has accessible restrooms located on both the main passenger deck and auto deck. The main passenger deck also has vending and newspaper machines.

Vessel Information

Class: Issaquah 130 Type: Auto/Passenger Ferry
Length: 328' Engines: 2
Beam: 78' 8" Horsepower: 5,000
Draft: 16' 9" Speed in Knots: 16
Max Passengers: 1076 Propulsion: DIESEL
Max Vehicles: 124 Gross Tonnage: 2477
Tall Deck Space: 30 City Built: Seattle, WA
Auto Deck Clearance: 15' 8" Year Built / Re-built: 1981 / 2005
Meaning of Chelan: From the Chelan language: Tsill-ane, meaning "deep water." The tribe lived along Lake Chelan, which is very deep. A city, county and river also bear the name.