Winter 2015 Sailing Schedule for Sunday March 1, 2015

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Leaving Anacortes
DepartEst. ArriveVesselADA
5:006:05 Yakima ADA Accessible
5:357:40 Sealth ADA Accessible
9:0010:40 Yakima ADA Accessible
9:25 111:30 Sealth ADA Accessible
1:252:30 Sealth ADA Accessible
1:504:00 Yakima ADA Accessible
3:205:00 Hyak ADA Accessible
5:20 27:25 Sealth ADA Accessible
8:20 39:35 Hyak ADA Accessible
1 No vehicles from Anacortes destined to Orcas will be loaded; foot passengers permitted. 2 A limited number of vehicles from Anacortes destined for Lopez and no vehicles from Anacortes destined for Orcas will be loaded; foot passengers permitted. 3 Priority for Friday Harbor vehicles ticketed and in line no later than 8:00pm.
Leaving Friday Harbor
DepartEst. ArriveVesselADA
6:258:40 Yakima ADA Accessible
8:009:05 Sealth ADA Accessible
11:101:25 pm Yakima ADA Accessible
11:551:00 pm Sealth ADA Accessible
2:50 15:00 Sealth ADA Accessible
4:305:35 Yakima ADA Accessible
5:257:40 Hyak ADA Accessible
7:508:55 Sealth ADA Accessible
9:5011:55 Hyak ADA Accessible
1 Interisland vehicles only, no Anacortes bound vehicles loaded; foot passengers permitted.


The international sailing between Anacortes and Sidney B.C. does not operate during the Winter Schedule from December 28, 2014 through March 21, 2015. Service will resume on March 22 with one round trip sailing a day for the Spring Schedule.