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Aviation Publications

State Managed Airport Handbook , 2011
Strategic & Business Plan Highlights, 2005-2007  (pdf 207 kb)
Radio Frequency Card (pdf 21 kb)
Washington State Airport Reference Guide


Airport Aid Grant Program Task Force – Recommendations November 2002
Airport Aid Grant Program Information
Aviation Land Use Compatibility Program Information
Aviation Law  

Aviation Presentations
2004 System Plan Update (pdf 138 kb)
2004 The Critical Link: Washington’s Aviation System Plan (pdf 674 kb
2004 Aviation System Plan Evaluation (pdf 42 kb) 
Civil Airport Imaginary Surfaces Diagram
Economic Impacts of Washington Airports, 2001
General Aviation Construction Guidelines, 2003 (pdf 545 kb)
Height Hazard Video
Legislative Planning Diagram for Growth Management (pdf 135 kb)
Reminga v. United States (pdf 91 kb)
Runway Safety Information (pdf 377 kb)
Rural Airport Study (pdf 343 kb)
Search and Rescue Study Team Report
Strategic & Business Plan Highlights, 2005-2007  (pdf 208 kb)
Strategic & Business Plan Highlights, 2004  (pdf 174 kb)
Washington State Aeronautical Map (pdf 2 mb)
Washington State Airport Aid Grant Procedures Manual (pdf 517 kb)
Washington State Aviation Policy
Washington State Public Use Airports ( pdf  31 kb) ( xls)
Washington System Plan Map 2001 (pdf 1.4 mb)
WSDOT Aviation 07 -09 Business Directions (pdf 44 kb)
WSDOT Aviation/FAA Runway Safety Grant Program (pdf 373 kb)
WSDOT Aviation Performance Objectives 04-05 (pdf 100 kb)


AIR-21 Non-primary Entitlement Grant Program – Funding for Small Airports (pdf 60 kb)
Airport Noise Compatibility Planning, Part 150
Federal AIP Grant Application SF0424
Land Use Compatibility and Airports, A Guide for Effective Land Use Planning, FAA Airports Division Southern Region  (pdf 2.4 mb)
FAA Form 7460-1 - Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration
FAA Form 7480-1 - Notice of Landing Area Proposal (pdf 584 kb)
Overview of Height Obstruction/FAR Part 77 Basics  (pdf 324 kb)  

WSDOT Forms & Applications

Aircraft Exemption Form
Aircraft Registration Form (pdf 86 kb)
Washington State Adopt-an-Airport Program (pdf 41 kb) 
Adopt an Airport Application (.doc 224 kb)


Some of these documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and view.