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Airport Mapping Application

WSDOT Aviation is currently developing an easy to use web-based GIS mapping application that will provide users with online access to critical information contained in Airport Layout Plans (ALP) and Airport Master Plans (AMPs). 

WSDOT is accepting feedback on test version of the Airport Mapping Application from Dec. 12 to Dec. 26. Test the Airport Mapping Application .

Project Goals

The goal of Airport Mapping Application project is to facilitate informed land use decision making by providing online access to critical airport information and interactive planning tools. 

Airspace Calculator
Airspace Calculator (Prototype) - enlarge
With the Airport Mapping Application, users can:

  • Select and view specific airport facility features, such as runways, aprons, taxiways, buildings, safety areas, airspace, and property boundaries.
  • Utilize a variety of beneficial tools and features; including: an address locator, lat. / long. locator, measuring tool, a highway mile post locator, etc. 
  • Zoom to specific airports, cities or geographic regions.
  • Select from 12 different base maps, including an aeronautical chart.

Key components of the project include:

  • An easy to use online GIS mapping application that allows users to print results.
  • FAR Part 77 airspace calculator.
  • An easy to download airport specific geodatabase.
  • Data standards and application maintenance plan.

Coming Soon! 

Airport Map Controls
Airport Map Controls - enlarge
WSDOT has begun work developing the FAR Part 77 Airspace Calculator and anticipates stakeholder testing in November 2012. The airspace calculator will be embedded within the mapping application’s tool set and allow users to evaluate heights of objects in relation to the FAA’s FAR Part 77 Imaginary Surfaces. 

Please note, WSDOT’s Airport Mapping Application may not always be reflective of the airport’s current capabilities or configuration. Data displayed in the airport mapping application is provided to WSDOT by third parties. All data is expressly provided as is.

Contact information

Carter Timmerman
Phone: (360) 709-8019
WSDOT, Aviation Division
818 79th Ave SE, Suite B
Tumwater, WA 98501-5801