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Adopt an Airport Work Crew  
 Sullivan Lake Volunteers from RAF, WSPA, and WPA Deer Park

The Adopt-an-Airport Program of WSDOT Aviation uses volunteer groups to help maintain the 16 state-operated airports in Washington.

Any group or organization can sign up for the “Adopt-An-Airport” program, which offers civic clubs and other groups an opportunity to contribute to their community and state while helping to preserve and enhance the state airports. Volunteers don’t need an aviation background to become involved in the program, but by helping out, they can learn what is involved in the operation of an airport and the importance of its economic value to the local community.

Past organizations and the airports they’ve adopted include:

  • Washington Pilots Association, Seattle Chapter, Bandera;
  • WPA Harvey Field Chapter, Easton;
  • WPA Wenatchee Chapter and the Lake Wenatchee Recreational Club, Lake Wenatchee;
  • Tri-cities WPA & EAA, Little Goose;
  • WPA Green River Chapter and RAF, Ranger Creek;
  • Washington and Idaho Back Country Pilots, Rogersburg;
  • WPA Paine Field Chapter, Skykomish;
  • Cessna 180/185 Owners Club, Stehekin;
  • WPA Deer Park Chapter, WSPA, and RAF, Sullivan Lake;
  • Drift Away Snowmobile Assoc, Tieton;


Adopt an Airport Work Crew
Ranger Creek Volunteers from Green River Chapter WPA

2018 State-Managed Airports:
Adopt-an-Airport Program Updates

WSDOT Aviation is currently updating its airport sponsors list and requests input from existing and future airport sponsors. Please contact Paul Wolf, State Airport Manager, to renew sponsorships and to schedule spring and summer 2018 work parties.

2018 Scheduled State Airport Work Parties are as follows:

  • Bandera State Airport - Fall City Pilots - Scheduled Pending 9 AM Start time.
  • Easton State Airport - Sponsor needed. 
  • Ranger Creek State Airport – WPA Green River Chapter – Scheduled Saturday May 12, 2018. 9 AM Start time.  
  • Tieton State Airport – Drift Away Snowmobile Assoc. – Schedule Pending.
  • Lower Granite State Airport – WPA Spokane Chapter – Scheduled Saturday May 19, 2018. 9 AM Start time.   
  • Little Goose State Airport -  Tri-cities, WPA, EAA Scheduled Sunday May 20, 2018. 9 AM Start time.  
  • Rogersburg State Airport - Green River Chapter - Schedule Pending BLM approval.
  • Skykomish State Airport – WPA Paine Field Chapter – Schedule Pending June, 2018. 9 AM Start time. 
  • Stehekin State Airport - Felts Field Pilots - Schedule Pending June 2018.  9 AM Start time.
  • Sullivan Lake State Airport - WPA Deer Park Chapter - Schedule Pending June, 2018. 9 AM Start time.  
  • Sullivan Lake State Airport – RAF, WSPA, and WPA Deer Park Chapter – Scheduled Pending August 2018. 9 AM Start time. 
  • Woodland State Airport - WPA Vancouver Chapter - Schedule Pending

For additional information, contact Paul Wolf at (360) 618-2477 or e-mail him at: .

2018 Current Status - Adopt-an-Airport Chapters

  • Bandera (4W0) – Fall City Pilots - update Adopt-an-Airport Program Sponsorship for 2018
  • Copalis – (S16) Need Sponsor under Adopt-an-Airport Program 2018
  • Easton – (ESW) Need Sponsor under Adopt-an-Airport Program 2018
  • Lake Wenatchee, Leavenworth (27W) Lake Wenatchee Recreational Club – Pending lease update 2018. Need Pilot Sponsor under Adopt-an-Airport Program 2018
  • Little Goose, Starbuck (16W) – Tri-cities, WPA, EAA Chapters. Adopt-an-Airport Agreement Renewal Due 2018 
  • Lower Granite, Colfax (00W) - WPA Spokane Chapter  – Adopt-an-Airport Agreement Renewal Due 2018
  • Lower Monumental, Kahlotas (W09) – Need Sponsor under Adopt-an-Airport Program 2018 
  • Methow, Winthrop (S52) – Need Sponsor under Adopt-an-Airport Program 2018 - Okanogan Chapter WPA or Local Tenants 
  • Ranger Creek, Green Water (21W) – WPA Green River Chapter – Adopt-an-Airport Agreement Renewal Due 2018
  • Rogersburg, Anatone (D69) – WPA Green River Chapter -  Adopt-an-Airport Agreement Renewal Due 2018 - Pending BLM Approval.  
  • Skykomish (S88) – WPA Paine Field Chapter – Adopt-an-Airport Agreement Renewal Due 2018
  • Stehekin (6S9) – Need Sponsor under Adopt-an-Airport Program 2018.
  • Sullivan Lake, Metaline Falls (09S) – WPA Deer Park Chapter - Adopt-an-Airport Agreemnt Renewal Due 2018. 
  • Tieton, Rimrock (4S6) – Washington State Snowmobile Association (WSSA) and WPA Green River Chapter - Adopt-an-Airport Agreement Renewal Due 2018
  • Woodland (W27) – Need Sponsor under Adopt-an-Airport Program 2018.