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Washington State Department of Transportation Management Principles


Concern for the health and safety of the people who use and work on our transportation facilities will be a paramount value in every area of our business.

Project Delivery

We will improve our effectiveness by delivering projects and programs of the highest quality and in a timely and fiscally responsible manner. We will manage the resources taxpayers and the Legislature entrust to us for the highest possible return of value.

Accountability and Management

We will be accountable to the public for all of our challenges and achievements by providing clear and concise information to the people of Washington, elected officials, and our many other transportation partners. To preserve and enhance our resources, we will manage the WSDOT organization efficiently through the use of performance information and strategic investments.


We will continue to break down communication barriers by delivering comprehensible, credible, and timely information, and by listening and attending to the concerns of the public, the Governor, Legislature and our employees. We will strive to make these communication standards an agency-wide practice. We will stress the importance of sharing clear, concise and timely information with WSDOT employees, elected officials, community leaders, businesses, citizens and taxpayers, others in the transportation community, and the press and other media.

Innovation, Best Business Practices, Efficiency, and Effectiveness

We will drive innovation within WSDOT by applying progressive technology and business management practices to the delivery of cost effective and efficient transportation programs. Accordingly, we will remain at the forefront as a national and international leader in transportation technology and practices. We will preserve and enhance the resources taxpayers and the Legislature have entrusted to us by being disciplined in our use of time and money.

Strategic Long-Term Investment Programs

We will provide strategic vision and leadership for Washington’s transportation needs. We will balance the quest for short-term cost savings and business process improvements with the long-term need to preserve and improve the state’s transportation systems. We will accomplish this through sound fiscal planning, asset management, and the development of strategic investment programs.

OneDOT and Partnerships

We will manage WSDOT as a unified organization with a strong work ethic and a focus on coalition building. We will build and maintain strong partnerships with other governments, tribes, and citizens to align priorities and resources. 

Environmental Responsibility

Our work will incorporate environmental protection and improvements into the day-to-day operations of the department as well as the ongoing development of the state’s transportation plans and facilities.

Excellence and Integrity

Our employees will work in a culture of workplace excellence and diversity that encourages creativity and personal responsibility, values teamwork, and always respects the contributions of one another and of those with whom we do business. We will adhere to the highest standards of courtesy, integrity, and ethical conduct. We will encourage and recognize our employees’ professionalism and their career growth. We will strive for the effectiveness of all our employees in meeting WSDOT’s communications standards.