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South Central Utility Accommodation

Permit and Franchise Application Information


Utility Franchise: Installations of a length greater than 300 feet along highway rights of way or a combination of several small sections and crossings.

Utility Permit: Crossings and /or installations no greater that 300 feet along highway rights of way. 

Other Utility Accommodation Related Information

  • WSDOT Utilities Manual 
    This link is to a printable version of the WSDOT Utility Manual. The manual contains information about Control Zone, the AMT program, the Utility Permit and Franchise process etc.
  • Utilities Accommodation Policy
    This link is to a printable version of the WSDOT Utilities Accommodation Policy. This document provides information about requirements for underground utility encroachment, control zone guidelines for utilities, scenic classification, and the WAC's.
  • Standard Specifications
    Developed to serve as a baseline for work delivered to the public by WSDOT.
  • Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines
    This link is to a printable version of the WSDOT Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines.
  • Questions or need additional information?
  • Call Before You Dig - It's the Law
    1-800-484-5555 or Dial 811
    For online locates visit: