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Olympic Utilities

The Olympic Region Utilities office serves to administer the WSDOT Utility Accommodation program for the Olympic Region. Current regulations require the Department of Transportation to reasonably accommodate utilities within our right of way corridors for the public benefit. Our accommodation must not sacrifice the safety and operation of our transportation system. The full text of this law can be found in WAC 468-34.

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Generally, local utility organizations submit their engineered requests to our office for review. Our review seeks compliance with our accommodation policy, safety and operational concerns. Once reviewed and approved, either a permit or franchise is issued and tracked by the utilities office.

In support of our Project Development Branch, the Utilities Office provides our various Project Offices with utility information and expertise in identifying and resolving impacts and/or utility conflicts with our transportation improvement projects. These activities include coordinating with impacted utility organizations, our project offices, as well as establishing utility accounts for our transportation needs.

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