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Public Transportation Division

woman steppping off a bus

Women in a wheelchair boards bus


More than ever, people in Washington are choosing to share a ride, catch a bus, ride a bicycle and use other efficient transportation choices  to get around while driving alone less often.

WSDOT’s Public Transportation Division fuels this shift with commute and travel options that fit busy lifestyles, ease traffic congestion and reduce vehicle emissions. The division supports programs and projects that connect big and small communities and provide access to most people in our state.

Our bottom line: make a measurable, meaningful difference for individuals, communities, the economy and environment.


Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program
WSDOT works with businesses statewide to promote commute options and programs that encourage employees to ride the bus, vanpool, carpool, walk, bike, work from home, or compress their work week, which helps make for a more efficient transportation system. 

Grant Programs
Through the administration of a variety of federal and state grant programs, WSDOT helps local and regional transportation providers purchase vehicles and equipment, expand and sustain service, and improve facilities and infrastructure.

Vanpool Program
WSDOT works with local agencies and jurisdictions to expand vanpool programs across the state and offer more commuters another convenient and affordable choice for efficient transportation.

Accessible Transportation
By working closely with specialized transportation providers across the state, WSDOT helps ensure that people with special needs have access to transportation options and mobility. WSDOT also supports the efforts of the Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation in its mission to coordinate affordable and accessible transportation choices for people with special needs in collaboration with state and local agencies and organizations.

Travel Washington Program
This intercity bus program provides rural communities across our state with access to larger urban centers and connections to the broader network of transportation services. 

Construction Traffic Planning
To keep people, businesses and the economy moving, WSDOT works with a variety of agencies to conduct planning, coordination and traffic mitigation before roadway construction begins. The goal: keep people and goods moving while completing construction projects on time and within budget.