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Accessible Transportation

Special needs transportation serves people who can't drive or don't have access to a car. Accessible transportation options, such as curb-service transit, vans and buses with wheelchair ramps or lifts and transit information in Braille can be a lifeline for a senior citizen who needs to go to a medical appointment. Many people with disabilities rely on these options to get to work. They also help low-income workers get their children to daycare or travel to the grocery store. Without specialized transportation options, many people could find themselves virtually trapped in their homes, dependent on the kindness of neighbors.

Accessible transportation means removing the barriers to transportation with specially equipped vehicles and facilities that accessible to people with limited mobility, such as a person who needs handholds or a wheelchair.

Accessible transportation providers offer vehicles and facilities for people with special transportation needs.

Statewide Human Services Transportation Plan



Don Chartock
Access Development Manager