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Consolidated grant application: attachment examples

Consolidated grant applicants are required to submit a number of attachments along with their application. These examples of previous submissions for each of WSDOT's required attachments are provided as a reference.

Attachment 1: Organization’s most recent audit report (pdf 334 kb)

Attachment 2: 501(c) IRS Letter of Determination (pdf 647 kb )

Attachment 3: WUTC certification (pdf 384 kb)

Attachment 4: Service area map (pdf 406 kb)

Attachment 5: Population density map (pdf 80 kb)

Attachment 6: Letter committing matching funds (pdf 48 kb)

Attachment 7: Letter committing matching funds (in kind) (pdf 148 kb)

Attachment 8: In-kind match valuation proposal (pdf 12 kb)

Attachment 9: Letter of support (pdf 125 kb)

Attachment 10: Independent cost estimate (ICE) (pdf 27 kb)

Attachment 11: Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) architecture map (pdf 302 kb)

For more information, send an email or contact your regional community liaison.