Traveler Information API
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AlertA Highway Alert
BorderCrossingsCoverage Area: I-5, SR-543, SR-539, and SR-9 crossings. Provides current wait times for the various border crossings into Canada
CVRestrictionDataRepresents a Commercial Vehicle Restriction
CVRestrictionsCoverage Area: Statewide. Provides list of restrictions for commercial vehicles
FlowDataA data structure that represents a Flow Station
HighwayAlertsCoverage Area: Statewide. Provides access to all of the active incidents currently logged in our ROADS system
HighwayCamerasCoverage Area: Statewide. Provides access to the camera images that appear on our Traffic pages. Currently only supports snap shots (not full video)
MountainPassConditionsCoverage Area: 15 passes (see Provides real-time data on pass conditions. The data is provided by the Mountain Pass Entry system
PassConditionA data structure that represents the conditions of the mountain pass
RoadwayLocationDescribes a specific location on a WA State Highway
TrafficFlowCoverage Area: Vancouver, Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane. Data is provided by regional Traffic Management Centers. Provides real-time data on our Traffic Flow sensor for the entire state. Possible conditions include ‘Unknown’, ‘WideOpen’, ‘Moderate’, ‘Heavy’, ‘StopAndGo’, ‘NoData’. In most cases, this data will be updated every 90 seconds
TravelRestrictionA travel restriction for moutain passes
TravelTimeRouteData structure that represents a travel time route
TravelTimesCoverage Area: Seattle, Tacoma, Snoqualmie Pass. Provides travel times for many popular travel routes around Washington State