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The $1,000 Doug MacDonald Challenge - Winning Entry and Finalists

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Interpretive poster image of winning entry by Paul Haase, freelance science writer.

Secretary Doug MacDonald and Transportation Research Board’s Congestion Pricing Committee are on a mission to explain the concept of maximizing throughput to the public.

On Sunday, January 21, 2007 at the TRB 2007 Annual Meeting, the winning entry and finalist from the $1000 Doug MacDonald Challenge were showcased as posters during the session on Maximizing Highway System Efficiency and Throughput: Communicating Principles of Congestion Pricing to the Public.

View the challenge posters for the winning entry and 10 finalists (pdf 8.94 mb) presented at the TRB 2007 Annual Meeting.

All interpretive posters were designed by Chris Zodrow of the WSDOT Graphics Office.