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Key Dates

I-405 and SR 167 Eastside Corridor Tolling

Option 4 Map
The 2009 I-405/SR 167 Executive Advisory Group selected Option 4, shown above ( click for larger version ), as a viable option for improving the I-405 corridor. This option adds express toll lanes between Renton and Lynnwood.

I-405 funded and unfunded projects
Express toll lanes on I-405 from downtown Bellevue to Lynnwood are under construction ( click for larger version of map ). Funding gaps still exist in southern portions of the corridor.

Project Status June 2016

On April 26, 2016, Acting Secretary Roger Millar met with the I-405/SR 167 Executive Advisory Group to discuss next steps for the I-405 Master Plan and express toll lanes performance.

On June 18, 2015, former WSDOT Secretary Lynn Peterson met with the I-405/SR 167 Executive Advisory Group to discuss progress on the master plan and preparation for toll commencement on I-405.

WSDOT submitted the I-405/SR 167 Funding and Phasing Report , which details the next steps for congestion relief on the corridor, to the Legislature and Governor on Jan. 17, 2014.

I-405 express toll lanes are now open between Bellevue and Lynnwood.


The Eastside Corridor, which stretches down I-405 and SR 167 to SR 512, is the only north-south highway alternative to I-5 in the Puget Sound region.   

WSDOT has looked at a range of options for transportation improvement to address the projected increase in population and employment along this corridor. Successful examples are the I-405 Corridor Master Plan (pdf 174 kb) and the SR 167 Valley Freeway Plan. Both plans acknowledge the importance of connecting I-405 and SR 167 to form a seamless corridor, and together they form the basis for the I-405/SR 167 Corridor vision.

The I-405/SR 167 Corridor Master Plan includes new highway lanes, improved interchanges, express toll lanes, expanded transit service including bus rapid transit (BRT) and expanded vanpool programs . Other features, such as the SR 167 Express Toll Lanes Pilot Project , the SR 167 extension in Pierce County  and the I-405 express toll lanes will connect the entire corridor with a system better equipped to manage traffic demands in the future. 

The first phase of I-405 express toll lanes  opened in September 2015 in the 17-mile stretch between Northeast 6th Street in Bellevue and I-5 in Lynnwood.  

Express toll lanes provide a choice

Express toll lanes give drivers the choice to use the carpool lanes by paying a toll. Similar to the SR 167 HOT lanes , express toll lanes operate as an expressway within a highway while allowing toll-free trips for transit and vanpools.

Express toll lanes offer benefits

Express toll lanes will better use the existing I-405 highway lanes and provide drivers with a more reliable trip. These lanes will use dynamic toll rates, which change based on real-time demand and congestion. The toll you see when you enter the lane is the price you will pay for the trip.

WSDOT is building express toll lanes because they:

  • Operate efficiently , moving more people and offering a more reliable trip.
  • Manage demand to improve speed and reliability.
  • Strategically add capacity to increase throughput.
  • Reduce congestion, improving mobility for transit, freight, and drivers in all lanes.
  • Generate revenue by charging a user fee for non-carpool vehicles to use the express toll lanes. Revenue could help fund future corridor improvements, such as on I-405 from Renton to Bellevue and at the SR 167/I-405 interchange.

Public Information Contact:

Anne Broache
I-405/SR 167 Corridor Communications

Laura Johnson
WSDOT Toll Division

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