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Sustainable Transportation: What WSDOT is doing

Set of photos featuring WSDOT's sustainable practices.

Sustainable Transportation Action Plan
Successfully implementing our sustainability initiatives requires an agency-wide effort. WSDOT's Sustainable Transportation Action Plan (pdf 210 kb) was developed with the help of dozens of offices and programs within our department, providing the framework that demonstrates our commitment to sustainability both now and long into the future.

Turning challenges into opportunities
We’re addressing traffic choke points on our busiest commute and trade routes. We’re working with communities to find solutions that fit their unique needs. We’re extending the life of our roadways and using technology to reduce the need to build new infrastructure. And we’re bringing people with different perspectives together to spur even more innovation.

We’re turning this challenge into opportunity by seeking sustainable solutions in everything we do. This effort will improve your life, transform our economy and preserve our environment. But we can’t go it alone: We’re collaborating with community groups, businesses, federal agencies, local governments and regional planning organizations to ensure an inclusive approach that's good for all Washingtonians.

Fundamental strategies 

  • Improve fuel: We support efforts to lower the carbon content of fuels and find alternative fuels.
  • Advance vehicle technology: We support innovative vehicles that run on energy sources other than petroleum and vehicles that get more miles and better efficiency from each gallon.
  • Support system efficiency: We operate our transportation system to maximize efficiency and improve traffic flow.
  • Increase travel options and reduce vehicle miles traveled: We support efficient transportation options like carpooling, vanpooling, working from home, taking transit, riding your bike or  walking.

In addition to these four strategies, our sustainable transportation team recognizes the important connections between land use and transportation. We seek to leverage transportation investments to encourage land uses that are accessible to and promote a variety of travel modes.

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