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Fleet and Equipment

WSDOT’s commitment to energy conservation and air quality in managing its fleet of vehicles and equipment is paying off. For the fifth year running, the agency’s fleet was among the top 40 most sustainable and efficient government fleets in North America at the 2013 Government Green Fleet Awards. At a recent awards ceremony in Phoenix, Ariz., WSDOT was recognized for sustainably managing a mixed fleet that includes conventional, hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles. The fleet was one of the largest and most diverse to be recognized by these annual awards.

One of the WSDOT fleet's new Chevy Volts gets charged up at the Capital Facilities office in Tumwater.

WSDOT conserves fuel and cuts emissions by operating and maintaining its fleet for efficiency. The fleet reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 263 MT CO2e from 2009 levels by implementing aggressive right-sizing, utilization and anti-idling policies; purchasing hybrid vehicles; and using alternative fuels, such biodiesel, propane.
For fiscal years 2008-2013 WSDOT:

  • Cut passenger-vehicle inventory by 18%
  • Reduced employee travel by 2.2 million miles
  • Cut fuel consumption by 10% (approx. 400,000 gals)
  • Purchased plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations
  • Displaced petroleum by approx. 1.7 million gallons
  • Launched a plan to minimize emissions, conserve fuel and improve fleet efficiency


Fleets were evaluated on their success in reducing fuel consumption and emissions, increasing vehicle efficiency, using sustainable and biodegradable products and recycling. The honor puts another spotlight on WSDOT’s efforts to advance environmental sustainability in transportation.

Earlier this year, WSDOT’s fleet also was named one the “100 Best Public Sector Fleets in North America” for its excellence in government fleet management. The 100 Best Fleet Awards recognizes peak performing public-sector fleet operations and honors government fleets that effectively increase use of alternative fuels, save significant money by improving fleet management and reduce maintenance turnaround time to increase productivity.

“I am proud our fleet continues to be recognized as one of the most advanced and efficient fleets in the nation,” said Greg Hansen, WSDOT Fleet Administrator. This year, WSDOT’s fleet also took home the Alternative

Fuels Sustainable Commitment Award. Presented by the Western Washington Clean Cities Coalition, the award acknowledged WSDOT’s efforts to reduce use of petroleum-based fuel in transportation and its success in promoting electric vehicles, propane trucks and use of biodiesel.

But wait. There’s more... WSDOT’s fleet is one of three finalists for the National Association of Fleet Administrators’ Excellence in Public Fleet Sustainability Award. In its debut of the award, NAFA will honor public-sector fleets that operate on business practices committed to sustainability of the environment for future generations.

NAFA is the world’s largest fleet management association with more than 3,000 members in the U.S. and Canada. Members represent every segment of fleet management. Those invited to apply, include private companies, utilities, government agencies and nonprofits organizations.

From hybrids to, WSDOT’s fleet includes 4,800 vehicles and 10,000 pieces of supporting equipment. WSDOT Fleet Operation’s continues to seek new methods for efficient, effective fleet operations that cut fuel costs, improve air quality, keeping Washington’s residents, communities and environment at the heart of its mission.