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RV Dump Stations

Recreational Vehicles (RV) Sanitary Dump Stations are provided at select Safety Rest Areas (SRA) for use by private RV owners, and not to be used by commercial vehicles. Construction and Maintenance of the RV Dump Stations is funded through RV licensing taxes. RV Dump Stations at SRAs are open all year long west of the Cascades. An update to the current RV Dump Station design is underway which will ensure stations are open all year long east of the Cascades as well.   

Scatter Creek RV Dump Station - Constructed January 2009 
Scatter Creek RV Dump Station - Constructed January 2009

Recreational Vehicle Citizens Advisory Committee

The department uses a volunteer citizens group of recreational vehicle users to help define the needs of the RVs at rest areas. RV Committee suggestions guide the department in adding and improving the RV Dump Stations. They also provide guidance on the expenditure of funds from the RV account and RV account fee adjustments.

The department may increase the RV account fee after consultation with citizens representatives of the recreational vehicle user community. The fee cannot be adjusted more than once every four years. The fee adjustments must be preceded by an evaluation per RCW 46.16.063.

State RouteMilepostSafety Rest AreaDirectionOperational
I-5 11 Gee Creek NB   24/7/365 
I-5 12  Gee Creek  SB  24/7/365
 I-5  90 Scatter Creek  NB  24/7/365
I-5 140  Sea Tac  NB  24/7/365
I-5 188  Silver Lake SB  24/7/365
I-5 207 Smokey Point NB 24/7/365
I-5 207 Smokey Point SB 24/7/365
I-82 22 Selah Creek WB 24/7/365 *
I-82 24 Selah Creek EB 24/7/365 *
I-82 80 Prosser MD 24/7/365 *
I-90 89 Indian John Hill WB 24/7/365
I-90 89 Indian John Hill EB 24/7/365
I-90 161 Winchester WB 24/7/365 *
I-90 161 Winchester EB 24/7/365 *
I-90 198 Schrag WB 24/7/365 *
I-90 241 Sprague Lake EB 24/7/365 *
US-2 58 Nason Creek MD 24/7/365 *
SR-8 2 Elma EB 24/7/365
SR-24 43 Vernita MD 24/7/365 *
SR-26 61 Hatton Coulee MD 24/7/365 *

* Possible winter closures due to freezing.

 Elma RV Dump Station   Winchester RV Dump Station 
 Elma RV Dump Station    Winchester RV Dump Station

Other public RV Dump Stations: