Govenor Inslee at the WSDOT Memorial

Govenor Inslee delivers a message about our heroes working on the roadways.

Nellie Williams speaks about her dad that was killied in 2000.

Nellie Williams talks about her dad and asks us to remind our friends and families to slow down when they see workers on the roadways.

2013 WSDOT Remembers

The Washington State Department of Transportation joins with – transportation workers, along with all roadway and utility workers, in asking drivers to remember one rule when they see those bright orange signs and cones: just slow down.

WSDOT hosted its annual Worker Memorial on April 17 to highlight and honor its workforce and remember those workers killed on the roadway.

Work zone safety is about more than roadway workers. When you slow down, you give yourself a break and help set an example for young drivers. WSDOT statistics show that nearly 40 percent of work zone collisions in Washington involve a driver age 30 or younger.

Since 1950, 59 Washington State Department of Transportation employees have lost their lives in work zone-related activities.

WSDOT Secretary Peterson speaks at the memorial
Secretary Peterson addresses the audience on work zone safety.