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WSDOT Research - What We Do

The Office of Research and Library Services includes the WSDOT Research Office and the WSDOT Library. Our organization facilitates research and information services for agency employees.

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Research Office

The WSDOT Research Office organizes, manages, and disseminates the results of research conducted within the Department.  It coordinates the process for identifying, selecting, and managing research projects funded through the Federal State Planning and Research Program. It helps develop and manage research funded by other agency programs or by legislative direction. 
Services available from the Research Office include:

  • Research Study Design – The Research Office can assist you with research study design by discussing your research project plans, reviewing draft research plans, or connecting you with researchers familiar with the type of work you are proposing.

  • Simple Surveys – If you’re trying to conduct simple surveys about other DOTs, the Research Office can distribute your request through AASHTO’s Research Advisory Committee list serve.  Surveys have been conducted to gather information on activities such as archaeological deep testing methods, performance bond requirements, and the composition of transportation commissions.  Contact the Research Manager responsible for your functional area to get started.  Survey Guidance

  • Linking you to past and ongoing research – The Research Office can point you to ongoing research within the transportation community and provide background on research conducted by WSDOT.  The WSDOT Library has copies of all agency Research Reports and the Research Office has duplicates of a number of these publications should you want your own copy.  You can search many of the ongoing research activities through the Research in Progress website (

  • Collating and Marketing Research Needs – The Research Office gathers information on agency research needs for use by the agency’s four Research Advisory Committees and to submit to various research funding programs such as the National Cooperative Highway Research Program.  If you have a research idea you think is a priority for WSDOT, contact the Research Manager for that functional area.

  • Contracting with Universities – The Research Office has established Master Agreements with the University of Washington, Washington State University, and the California university system.  If you are planning work with one of these organizations, we may be able to save you time by establishing Task Agreements under these Master Agreements.  We have also established agreements with a number of other research institutions that my help expedite contracting. 

  • Funding Research Activities - The Research Office manages State Planning and Research (SPR) funding for Research activities.  These activities are selected by the Research Executive Committee with substantial input from four Research Advisory Committees.  We also manage the agency participation in the Transportation Pooled Fund program.  In addition, the Research Office manages research funds received from federal earmarks, local governments, or other WSDOT offices.  So – if you have an idea for research, let us know.  We’ll try to help you find funding – but realize that our resources are limited!

  • Directing and Managing Research Activities – Research Managers also help identify agency issues to be solved with research, identify and coordinate the technical team and project schedule, direct the study plan, manage and allocate the research resources, and facilitate technical transfer of research results.

  • Supporting Implementation of Research Results – The Research Office supports implementation of research project results by working with the project’s Technical Monitor and Principal Investigator to incorporate anticipated uses of the research product in the initial project scope, documenting appropriate uses in final reports, developing implementation plans, preparing marketing materials (Research Notes, the T2 Newsletter, etc), and helping as we can with seminars, training and other outreach activities.