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Transportation Synthesis Reports

What is a Transportation Synthesis Report?

Transportation Synthesis Reports (TSRs) are brief summaries of currently available information on topics of Interest to WSDOT staff. Online and print sources may include newspaper and periodical articles and research project reports, as well as, information about the practices of other state DOTs and organizations. State of the practice information may include quick surveys of all other DOTs or phone interviews with select states.

For more information, you may view the Transportation Synthesis Report Program (PDF 23kb).

Synthesis Reports

Transportation Synthesis Reports identify current information on topics of interest to Washington Department of Transportation staff. Internet hyperlinks in TSRs may become obsolete over time. WSDOT does not endorse or attest to the accuracy of information on externally linked pages.

TSRs are available in the following topic areas:

Requesting a Synthesis Report

It's simple to request a Synthesis Report. You can contact Kathy Lindquist at 360-705-7976 or the Research Manager for the area of your topical interest.

We'll need a statement describing what you would like us to gather information on. It is helpful to understand how you're going to use the information so we can obtain the best information to meet your need. We'll also need to know your deadline and preferred format for your report.

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