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Research Reports

Quieter Pavements Survey

Description: This study looked at the performance of quieter pavements in use in the United States of America and Europe with specific emphasis on those states that are using open-graded mixes for both friction or porous courses on an ongoing basis. All States were contacted and 34 states responded with information on their use of open-graded mixes and stone matrix asphalt (SMA) mixes. Eleven states were able to provide an estimate of the range and average service life of their open-graded mixes and three states provided information on the service life of their SMA mixes. Specifications for open-graded mixes and SMA mixes were compiled from 20 states and compared to Washington State’s open-graded friction course mix and the open-graded mix used on recent test sections built by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

  • Date Published: March, 2008
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 688.1
  • Last Modified: May 23, 2008
  • Authors: Newton C. Jackson, Adriana Vargas, Jason Pucinelli.
  • Originator: Nichols Consulting Engineers Chtd.
  • # of Pages: 260 p., 1.58 MB (PDF)
  • Subject: Surveys, Pavement performance, Surface course (Pavements), Stone matrix asphalt, Service life, Asphalt mixtures, Tire/pavement noise, State departments of transportation.
  • Keywords: Quieter Pavements, open-graded friction course, OGFC, stone matrix asphalt, SMA, service lives, specifications.
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