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Rapid Pavement Construction Tools Materials and Methods

Description: To address the need to deliver cost-effective projects while minimizing traffic impacts, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) desires to improve their knowledge, awareness and retention of rapid pavement construction tools, materials and methods. This project discusses the implementation, use and experience of using the following items related to rapid pavement construction: CA4PRS (Construction Alternatives for Pavement Rehabilitation Strategies), portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement panel replacement, polymer concrete and traffic closure windows. CA4PRS is a Microsoft Access-based software program for predicting construction productivity for highway rehabilitation/reconstruction. It was tested in two case studies and has proved capable of providing meaningful scheduling and productivity inputs into early project planning. Panel replacement techniques and polymer concrete construction are reviewed (including contractor interviews) in an effort to document past successes and failures as well as key decision points when making future project decisions. Finally, a review of traffic closure windows for rapid construction is presented.

  • Date Published: May, 2007
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 670.1
  • Last Modified: May 14, 2008
  • Authors: Brett Ozolin, Stephen T. Muench
  • Originator: Engineering Professional Programs (UW EPP)
  • # of Pages: 311 p., 7.97 MB (PDF)
  • Subject: Paving, Portland Cement Concrete, Types of pavements, Pavement maintenance, Construction scheduling, Benefit cost analysis, Construction management, Traffic.
  • Keywords: Rapid construction, portland cement concrete, polyester concrete, panel replacement, traffic closure windows, construction, pavement.
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