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Research Reports

Freight Efficiency and Competitiveness Phase I

Description: The Freight Efficiency and Competitiveness Study provides a comprehensive look at the freight delivery supply chain of major industries in the Central Puget Sound region. The study pinpoints areas of inefficiency in the freight delivery system and provides data to support the creation of a strategic investment plan for Washington State's freight transportation system.

The report is organized into four sections,

1. Introduction and Executive Summary;
2. Overview of Target Supply Chains;
3. Issues, Constraints and Potential Remedies Based on Freight Interviews;
4. Constraints, Opportunities and Recommendations.

The research and analysis for this project included in depth interviews with key freight personnel in Washington State, industry research, and market analysis. These methods allowed a better understanding of the freight and supply chain issues of each industry. From this, the study was able to identify and quantify bottlenecks and deficiencies in the existing transportation system.

  • Date Published: June, 2006
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 646.1
  • Last Modified: March 31, 2007
  • Authors: Thomas Jones, Sophie Hartshorn, Marni Heffron, Michael Siegmund, Tim Duffy, Arno Hart.
  • Originators: Wilbur Smith and Associates, Heffron Transportation, NohBell Group, RNO Group.
  • # of Pages: 126 p., 57,41 mb (PDF)
  • Subject: Freight transportation, Transportation operations, Freight handling, Shipments, Trucking, Supply chain management, Physical distribution, Commodities.
  • Keywords: Freight, efficiency, competitiveness, Puget Sound Region (Wash.)
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