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Research Reports

Evaluation Tools for HOV Lane Performance Monitoring


This report describes the evaluation approach and the process for acquiring data, performing analysis, and presenting output with a new analytical tool set for measuring HOV facility usage and performance in the central Puget Sound region. Specifically, the tool set includes the programs CDR (Compact disc Data Retrieval), CDR Auto, CDR Analyst, and associated utilities designed to produce graphical output. A description of the available analysis tools is provided.

Because data collection and analysis procedures for many of the existing measures, such as average car occupancy (ACO), speed, and travel time (using Baseline and HOVTT methods), as well as HOV violations and a public opinion survey, were documented extensively in the previous HOV evaluation and monitoring reports, they are not covered in this report. For related information, please refer to the previous documents. For performance results of the HOV facility, please refer to the annual HOV lane performance monitoring report.


  • Date Published: August, 1999
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 473.2
  • Last Modified: January 9, 2008
  • Authors: Jennifer Nee, John Ishimaru, Mark E. Hallenbeck.
  • Originator: Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC)
  • # of Pages: 54 p., 1,127 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: CD-ROM, Computer graphics, Computer programs, Data collection, Evaluation, High occupancy vehicle lanes, Monitoring, Performance, Travel time.
  • Keywords: High occupancy vehicle, HOV, throughput, speed, reliability, travel time, Puget Sound Region, Seattle Metropolitan Area.
  • Related Publications: HOV Lane Performance Monitoring: 1998 Annual Report, (WA-RD 473.1). 

This abstract was last modified April 29, 2008