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Research Reports

An Evaluation of Motorist Aid Call Boxes in Washington State

Description: This report first provides an overview and a literature review on call box operations and services in the U.S. It then focuses on describing the operational elements of call box systems in Washington state including usage and information costs. Results from a mail survey which evaluated public perception and call box performance are reported. The report concludes with recommendations for improvement to the call box system.

  • Date Published: June, 1996
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 420.1
  • Last Modified: November 20, 2007
  • Authors: Jennifer Nee, Jodi Carson, Bill Legg.
  • Originator: Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC)
  • # of Pages: 92 p., 4,707 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Call boxes (Driver aid devices), Evaluation, Literature reviews, Motorist aid systems, Public opinion, Recommendations, States, Surveys.
  • Keywords: Call boxes, effectiveness, research, United States, Washington (State)
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