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Research Reports

Central Avalanche Hazard Forecasting: Summary of Scientific Investigations

Description:  The Central Avalanche Hazard Forecasting project had two principal aims:

  1. The design and establishment of an avalanche data network and central avalanche and mountain weather forecasting facility to serve the highway passes and other hazard areas of the Cascade Mountains in Washington.
  2. Improvements in the practices of conventional avalanche forecasting and the introduction of new techniques in statistical analysis and pattern recognition.

    Achievement of the first aim has been described in previous reports 23.2 and 23.3. This present report 23.4 gives the results of fundamental research into avalanche forecasting theory and discusses the application of these results to central avalanche forecasting for the Cascade Mountains of Western Washington.

    • Date Published: December, 1978
    • Publication Number: WA-RD 23.4
    • Last Modified: July 24, 2007
    • Authors: E.R. LaChapelle, S.A. Ferguson, R.T. Marriott, M.B. Moore, P.L. Taylor.
    • Originators: University of Washington, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences.
    • # of Pages: 215 p., 5,383 KB (PDF)
    • Subject: Avalanches, Data collection, Forecasting, Snow cover, Statistical analysis, Terrain, Weather forecasting.
    • Keywords: Avalanche, snow, weather, avalanche forecasting, Cascade Range.
    • Related Publications: Central Avalanche Hazard Forecasting, Phase I, A Feasibility Study (Fiscal Year 1975) : Final Report, (WA-RD 23.1).
      Central Avalanche Hazard Forecasting : Operating Manual : Methods and Equipment Developed During the Project, (WA-RD 23.1A).
      Central Avalanche Hazard Forecasting : Interim Report, (WA-RD 23.2). Central Avalanche Hazard Forecasting : Final Report, (WA-RD 23.3).

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