Weekend Recreational Travel: Development of a Concept

This study proposes a concept for long-range planning of transportation facilities needed to serve the weekend travel demands of a metropolitan area. The planning concept is proposed as a means of achieving more effective utilization of resources in providing for recreational needs.

Where data have been used in this study to support conclusions, they have been extracted from surveys conducted by agencies in the state of Washington and from selected studies undertaken elsewhere. Despite the limited availability of certain data, the method of analysis and the planning process presented in this report are considered to have general applicability

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, September 1, 1971
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WA-RD 011.1
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11/17/2017 - 10:20
Karlfritz Leonhardt.
Puget Sound Governmental Conference.
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Leisure time, Long range planning, Policy, Recreation, Recreational facilities, Recreational trips, Traffic congestion, Transportation planning, Travel demand, Travel patterns, Trip purpose, Urban transportation, Weekends.