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The Effect of Studded Tires on Traffic Striping Paints: Phase II, Interim Report

Description: Four different types of pavement marking materials were tested in Ring #6; three brands of striping paints and one thermoplastic striping tape. These striping materials were applied on two sections, the polymer cement concrete and the Class "G" asphalt concrete. The results were ranked on the basis of appearance, wear and whiteness.

The thermoplastic striping material consistently outperformed the three paints. The materials wore more rapidly on the polymer cement concrete than on the asphalt concrete and the ranking order for the paints was different for the two sections. The Type #3 stud seemed to have worn the paints more rapidly than either #4, #2, #1, GST, US and UST studs and tires in that order respectively. The superiority of the thermoplastic striping tape was due to its thickness and its construction.

  • Date Published: March, 1973
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 9.3A
  • Last Modified: July 9, 2007
  • Author: Milan Krukar.
  • Originator: Washington State University
  • # of Pages: 14 p., 235 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Abrasion tests, Aging (Materials), Asphalt concrete, Durability, Materials tests, Paint, Polymer concrete, Striping, Striping materials, Studded tires, Road markings, Road marking materials, Road marking tapes, Thermoplastic materials, Traffic paint, Wear.
  • Keywords: Asphalt concrete, paints, pavement markings, polymer cement concrete, striping, thermoplastic striping, traffic markings.
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